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Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition Information Leaked

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Amazon Germany has leaked information that a brand new Special Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight will be releasing on March 17th via a brand new store page.

Despite a terrible PC port and some rather ugly technical glitches and issues on Xbox One, Batman: Arkham Knight was a deservedly well-received conclusion to the Arkham trilogy. Rocksteady went all-out in delivering a bombastic conclusion to the story of its own version of Batman, leaving a tiny window open for further sequels, but clearly placing its own finishing touches on the series that made it an iconic studio.

And now it seems that Warner Brothers is looking to further cash in on the quality of Arkham Knight by putting out a Special Edition. The Amazon Germany page doesn’t include much detailed information about this new version beyond a price tag of 39.99. Pricey. It’s all speculation until more is made available by WB, but chances are we’ll see the bundling of the base Arkham Knight experience with the game’s sizable season pass, as you might see with any “game of the year edition” release.

We do hope it lives up to the “special” billing. And hey, maybe Rocksteady and WB will finally release a full fix for that dreadful PC port rather than abandon it to the wind. Doubtful, but one can always hope…

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