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Call of Duty: Black Ops Xbox One Backwards Compatibility All But Confirmed

Microsoft’s brought the Xbox One along in leaps and bounds since its harsher early days. True, the console hasn’t been the perfect machine for everyone, but the Xbox faithful have stuck by it and in the process they’ve reaped the rewards. Unlike the Xbox One’s fiercest rival, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One boasts true backwards compatibility which allows gamers to play their last-gen games on their current gen consoles. It’s a bloody brilliant feature and we’re loving every minute of it. Our luscious gardens in Viva Pinata prove it.

One game that players have been begging for since Microsoft opened a feedback forum where players can vote for which games they want to see made playable on the Xbox One is Black Ops II. It’s the leading title by quite some votes, but it doesn’t look like it’s the one we’ll see any time soon. No, instead it looks like we’ll be going back to the origins of the Black Ops trilogy with the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.

As noted by Reddit user iAMA_Leb_AMA, the download packs for Black Ops are actually available on Spanish Xbox One games store. It’s as strong as hint as we could ever need to assume that the game will be getting a second wind of life via the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature.

Would you be happy to see the original Black Ops on the Xbox One, or would you still prefer Black Ops II? Give us a bell down in the comments section below.

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