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Dark Souls 3 Update Version 1.04 Out Today on Xbox One, 1.03.1 for PC

There’s a new update for From Software’s Dark Souls 3 today in the form of version 1.04 that’s rolling out on Xbox One. The update is still trickling through the world’s territories but we do have the full patch notes – even if they are a little barebones.

From Software has never been one to over-indulge in writing up detailed patch notes, so we’re not surprised by the meager offering with patch 1.04. The patch notes state that the Greatsword will be getting some performance adjustments while a few bugs and issues have also been ironed out. There’s more good news, too, as Dark Souls 3’s update won’t lead to any server downtime so you can carry on slaying (or being slayed) without interruption.

There’s nothing mentioned about multiplayer getting and fixes, though From Software has acknowledged the complaints of its fans:

“Password matching done under the following conditions may result in an extended amount of time required for the match to complete,” the developer noted.

“Many players are signed in the corresponding area. There is a large gap between the levels of the players who are using the password.”

Dark Souls 3 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Performance adjustment for Greatsword.
  • Battle performance adjustment for Dancer’s Enchanted Sword and Winged Knight Twinaxes.
  • Performance adjustments for Soul’s Greatsword and Farron Flashsword.
  • Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep, Cathedral of the Deep after clearing the game.

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