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E3 2017: Aaron Greenberg: Forza 7 is Xbox One X’s Killer App, Talks OG Xbox Back-Compat

Aaron Greenberg has joined the Xbox team on the Xbox Daily livestream to talk a little about Xbox One X and backwards compatibility of the OG Xbox.

Speaking about Xbox One X and what’s going on in the box, Greenberg stated that, in his mind, Team 10’s Forza Motorsport 7 is the “killer app” for the console as it’s the best game at the moment to show off the capabilities of the Xbox One X.

Greenberg also touched on OG Xbox backwards compatibility. According to the exec the program has a large library of titles and that there’s a big team of engineers working on the new program. As for what games will be available and when they’ll be available, Greenberg said that a “collection is being put together” and that Microsoft will show more “soon”.

And finally, if you really want to look at the Xbox One X in person but can’t be at E3 this year, you can head to one of Microsoft’s flagship stores in America and have a peek there. Meanwhile us UK/European folk will just have to make do with pictures…

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