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E3 2017: Crackdown 3 Runs at 4K 30FPS on Xbox One X, Cloud Powers Multiplayer

There was something a little off with the Crackdown 3 trailer that was released during Microsoft’ E3 presser last night: the destruction.

Microsoft made a fairly big meal out of showing off just how destructive the game can be when it was first unveiled a couple of years ago, yet the trailer last night completely omitted any mention of it. What gives?

Well it’s not so simple. For starters, it was always said that the single-player campaign wouldn’t be boosted by the power of the cloud and that it would only be the multiplayer. Sumo Digital, one of the studios working on Crackdown 3, has said that the single-player campaign does have some level of destruction, but the meat of it will be in the game’s multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone.

According to Sumo Digital, the massive destructive environments are only available as part of the game’s multiplayer, not the single-player. The developer also confirmed that Crackdown 3 will run at 4K and 30 frames-per-second on the Xbox One X. There’s still more to be shown during E3 week, and Sumo has promised that more single-player information will be revealed over the next couple of days.

Elsewhere, Crackdown 3’s Amazon listing also mentions that the online multiplayer will be a 10-person PVP affair that will feature a “100% destructible battle arena” that’s powered by Microsoft Cloud.

Amazon’s listing states:

Step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent of justice in Crackdown 3
Level up your super-Agent skills to jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and fight like a boss
Lure vindictive crime lords out of their strongholds by roughing up their street soldiers, attacking criminal operations and taking out high-value gang captains
Crackdown 3 comes with Wrecking Zone – a 10-person Player-vs-Player race to tear down the opposing team’s stronghold using your strongest Agent superpowers in a 100% destructible battle arena powered by Microsoft Cloud

It’s all a little hazy at the moment and we can’t work out whether we should be annoyed, confused, or excited. We’re going to lean on the side of excitement for now, though, even if it’s just because we’re gagging to get back into the world of Crackdown.

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