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E3 2017: Crackdown 3’s Gang Retaliation and Intimidation System Revealed

Xbox Daily is going on at the moment and the Xbox team are busy talking to developers about their games. The latest such chat was with a couple of Crackdown 3 developers who revealed a few interesting bits about the upcoming game.

Obviously the orbs are back (duh) but there’s also some new features in the game’s campaign. As explained by the developers, Crackdown 3 features the new Gangs Fight Back system where the crime bosses will retaliate to your actions. So, for example, say you’ve smashed the crap out of a kingpin’s business and rendered it useless, the kingpin will send his/her gang to hunt you down. Sounds pretty simple, to be honest, but the developers insist this a big part of the game’s draw.

According to the developers, nobody will play the exact same game. Gang retaliations will be completely different for every player as they’re dynamic and can happen anytime, anywhere. Bit creepy…

Then there’s the Feedback system. Crackdown 3 takes place 10 years after the original game, so sometime in the near-future. As all near-futures are prone to, Crackdown 3 has lots of electronic/neon signage and billboards. Standard stuff. What isn’t standard is that the gang bosses will use these electronics to threaten you if you piss them off. You could be jumping around hunting for orbs – generally being a nice agent – and then you’ll spot a billboard threatening your life.

The developers aren’t giving anything away in terms of the game’s story, though we do know that Terry Crews will be a character in Crackdown 3 and that his appearance in the trailer released yesterday was actually him in character.

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