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E3 2017: Rumour – Scorpio to Cost $499 USD, Says Doritos Pope

We’re just a few short hours away from Microsoft’s E3 press conference, so you’d think that the leaks, rumours, and all the rest would just take a break. That’s not the case, unfortunately, and this latest rumour doesn’t sound too good.

According to The Doritos Pope, Geoff Kneighly, Microsoft’s soon-to-be-unveiled Scorpio console will cost $499. Writing over on his Twitter account, the Mountain Dew aficionado said the following:

Now, this is still a rumour. Microsoft is sure to announce a price later today once the presser kicks off. However, given that Dorito Boy is mooching around in Los Angeles, it’s definitely possible that he’s been given a tip-off ahead of time by someone who can’t keep their pie-hole shut. Then again, it may still be false. We’ll wait and see.

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