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Final Fantasy XV Release Date for Xbox One Confirmed, GameStop Suggests PC Release

It’s been an evening of wonders with Square Enix tonight as the publisher formally announced the release date of the long, long, long-awaited Final Fantasy XV for the Xbox One and – excuse us for mentioning it – the PS4.

The game will release on September 30th for consoles though nothing was officially announced for the PC crowd, which seems weird considering all the recent ports of the older games that have arrived on Steam.

GameStop – bless ’em – has since updated its retail site with all the Final Fantasy XV stuff it can throw on a single page, but upon that page lies a hint to the PC release. On the right hand side of the page there’s the PC symbol next to the Xbox One and PS4 logos which seems to indicate it knows more than Square Enix bothered to let on.

Whether GameStop is right or not isn’t known, though we’d place a few pennies on a PC release any day of the week.


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