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First Batch of Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Keys Released

tom clancy's the division

Quick! Check your email inbox, because you just might be receiving your beta key for Tom Clancy’s The Division today. In a Tweet by the official Twitter account for The Division, Ubisoft stated:

“Agents, the first #TheDivisionBeta keys have been sent! Check your emails and start pre-loading the game now.”

So if you have beta access via pre-order, or if you signed up on the game’s teaser website, check your inbox (and your spam folder!) to see if you’ve received word of a beta key. Once you get your key, be sure to head to your Xbox One to pre-load the >25GB game, because you’ll want to be ready for when the beta starts in earnest.

See ya on the streets of NYC!

Pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division on Amazon. [?]

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