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Guitar Hero Live Update 1.05 Out Now

FreeStyle Games has been very on-the-ball with Guitar Hero Live: numerous updates, gameplay improvements and a constant stream of new tunes to jam along to.

The developer has once again updated the game. The latest update is version 1.05, but don’t get too excited by the news; there’s nothing that exciting as the patch notes simply state that bug fixes have been deployed. The update isn’t too heavy on the hard drive or bandwidth, so we suppose that’s something…

The update is available now on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

[Update: We’ve since found out that the update does in fact bring some fixes. They’re listed below for your convenience. Bling of the Road on Xbox 360 is still bugged, though, but FreeStyle Games has assured us it’ll be fixed in the next patch.]

  • The level 20 achievement “Toppest of Top Drawer” not unlocking is now fixed
  • “Congratulations on Levelling up” message appearing multiple times is now fixed
  • Hero Cash Store displaying “the service is currently unavailable” message is now fixed
  • Highway equipped messaging error is now fixed
  • X360 cache problem is now fixed
  • Rival System fixes to matchmaking, results and UI issues are in progress

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