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Incoming Freebies For Friday The 13th The Game

It’s time to escape a relentless hockey mask-wearing murderer or become one. According to the Friday the 13th game’s official twitter account, this weekend (6/23-25) will be a double XP weekend.

Also, people who already own the game will be rewarded with a retro skin for Jason and 13,000 custom points for free.  These freebies are only being given to those who purchased the game prior to today and are an apology for the cluster f*** that was the game’s release.

For those not aware of the situation, upon release, the servers crashed because there were too many people attempting to play the game. According to Illfonic, the servers were set up to handle around 35,000 players and within 20 minutes of the game releasing there were around 75,000 people trying to play.

The abundance of players caused the servers to crash and then the game was unplayable for multiple days. After that it was unplayable through quick match, but playable through private matches. There were also many glitches that needed to be fixed.

However, throughout all of this, Gun Media and Illfonic have been transparent about problems and offered consistent updates.  It was a rocky release, but the company has supported and communicated with the gaming community well and fixed problems as quickly as possible.

Are you going to enjoy some slasher goodness this weekend?  Let us know in the comments below.

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