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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Will Be Native 4K/30fps on Xbox One X

We already know that Monolith’s upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War is going to be one hell of a looker on the Xbox One X, and we already know the studio is supporting the new console with its new game. What we don’t know exactly is what that means for those with 4K televisions. Will it be a true 4K experience, or will it be a Frankenstein-like checkerboard solution, a la the PS4 Pro?

Monolith’s Bob Roberts has confirmed that Shadow of War will run at a native 4K resolution on the Xbox One X, so if you have a 4K TV you’ll be seeing the best possible image with no sacrifice. 4K games on the PS4 Pro typically – although not always – employ either a dynamic 4K solution where the resolution will fluctuate depending on the game’s needs, or they run with checkerboard rendering which takes a lower resolution and effectively doubles it, though it’s not true 4K.

Good news, right? It has also been confirmed that the game will run at 30fps on the Xbox One X. Despite the extra power in the Xbox One X, the developers are focusing on sprucing up the game’s graphics, resolution, effects, and frame stability. So while it may “only” be 30fps, it’s likely it’ll run very smoothly without hiccups. Or at least we bloody hope so…

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