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New Homefront: The Revolution Trailer & Resistance Mode Beta

homefront the revolution

As Homefront: The Revolution nears store shelves for its mid-May release, we’re hearing and seeing more new details about the follow-up to the flawed-but-decent 2011 first person shooter.

To start, we have a shiny brand new trailer to obsess over. The trailer is called “Freedom Fighters,” and it depicts computer generated shots of resistance fighters planning and executing attacks against their North Korean oppressors. Plenty of in-game footage shots and gameplay shots are shown, but they’re stylized in a way that makes it hard to really judge them on quality. Classic weaponry, reloading, shooting, and exploding shots abound, as can be expected of a trailer for an FPS game.

Suffice to say it’s a good trailer that does get us a bit excited for Homefront: The Revolution. And of course, as with any big release these days, pre-ordering will get you some fancy skins and early multiplayer unlocks. You can see it all for yourself below.

Next, we have news of a newly announced game type called Resistance Mode. It’s a multiplayer mode where a team of four players will take on North Korean forces to take back the streets of Philadelphia throughout multiple missions. Further details are scant, but there will be a three day long Xbox One beta for the mode starting February 11th. Head over to the Homefront website for more details.

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are behind the new entry to what was thought to be a dead series after the shuttering of THQ. We hope that they’ll do a much better job of supporting the series, as Homefront was not quite as bad as everyone likes to think.

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