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News: Halo Wars 2 Will Get a Second Beta Closer to Release, Says Microsoft

If for some reason you didn’t manage to take part in the recent Halo Wars 2 beta on Xbox One, don’t worry, you’ll get another opportunity to test the long-awaited sequel before it releases.

However, you shouldn’t expect it to be anytime soon as Microsoft has stated that the second beta test will take place closer to the game’s launch – February, 2017, for those who didn’t already know.

Additionally, Microsoft has also confirmed that the second beta will have a new mode for players to test and that the beta will be available on Xbox One and PC. Though you shouldn’t Xbox One and PC players to be able to battle one another as the game doesn’t support cross-play. Why not? Because PC players would be at a huge advantage with their mice, that’s why.

Did you manage to give the first Halo Wars 2 beta a go, or did you miss out? What did you make of it? Launch an attack in the comments section below.


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