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News: Pac-Man 256 Chomps Away on Xbox One Today, Launch Trailer Released

The hit mobile game Pac-Man 256 has finally arrived on Xbox One today, and to celebrate the release of the spruced-up retro pill chomper, Bandai Namco has released a neat little trailer.

For those who are asking “what the hell is Pac-Man 256?”: Pac-Man 256 is a little different to the usual Pac-Man you know and love/hate. Instead of playing on a 2D board with harder and harder levels, Pac-Man 256 is played from an isometric point of view and has you, the player, constantly moving forward to escape ‘The Glitch’. It’s something a little different but it’s been really well received on mobile platforms so we reckon it’s going to be a decent hit on Xbox One, too.

Pac-Man 256 is out today on Xbox One, though don’t expect to see it in stores as it’s a digital-only release.

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