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News: Rare’s Sea of Thieves Sets Sail Sometime in 2017

Remember when Rare’s Sea of Thieves was announced back at E3 2015? No? Then let us give you a quick re-cap: Rare’s new IP, Sea of Thieves, was presented during Microsoft’s E3 2015 presser with a 2016 release window attached to the game.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re still not playing the game and there’s still no solid release date. That’s because the game has been pushed back into 2017, according to Xbox chief Aaron Greenberg who spoke to Kinda Funny Games at this year’s E3.

“Not far after that we get into things like Halo Wars 2 in February and then we keep kind of cranking as we go through. Sea of Thieves is coming out in that window, Scalebound, a lot more titles,” Greenberg told Kinda Funny Games, sneakily confirming that we won’t be sailing the seven seas with Rare’s new game until next year.

It’s a bummer, sure, but we’re patient and there’s plenty of great games coming to Xbox One in the meantime.

Disappointed to Sea of Thieves won’t be releasing this year, or are you not sold on the multiplayer-centric pirate game? All hands on deck to the comments section below.

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