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News: Xbox One Prices Come Crashing Down After Xbox One S and Project Scorpio Announcements

Phil Spencer dropped a few bombshells at this year’s E3, most notably the incoming release of the Xbox One S and the rumoured Xbox One successor of sorts, Project Scorpio.

It didn’t take long for retailers in the UK to take note and start dropping Xbox One prices to clear the old stock that they have lying around to make way for the new wave of Xbox One consoles.

Amazon dropped its prices on bundles to around the £200 mark – around the same price as a Wii U bundle – while high street retailer GAME cut off some excess pounds by dropping a few bundles to the £230 price-point. It’s good for the consumer and it’s good for the businesses, but is it really going to have the desired effect? We’re not sure that too many people will jump to the Xbox One just yet because what’s the point when there’s a slimmer, sexier, fast box coming next year, not to mention the more powerful Project Scorpio?

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