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Play The First Episode of Hitman for Free Right Now

If you’ve somehow managed to let IO Interactive’s first season of Hitman pass you by, you can rectify your mistake from this very moment.

IO Interactive has announced today that players on Xbox One can download the first episode of Hitman for no cost. You’ll pay absolutely nothing, but obviously the now-independent developer is hoping that you’ll get sucked in enough to buy the rest of the season. Far enough, really, as it’s actually a really well put together package. Here’s what’s included in the free episode:

Play everything in the first location from the game. Experiment, Improvise, try things and have fun: Welcome to The Playground
Anyone who downloads the game for free will have full access to everything included in the ‘ICA Facility’ location;
– 2 Story missions, including all cut-scenes
– 2 Escalations Contracts
– 40+ Challenges
– 17 Achievements/trophies

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