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Project Scorpio Could Be Shown This May 2nd at Microsoft’s Special Hardware Event in New York

We’ve all read the detailed breakdown that Eurogamer posted during its exclusive technical reveal for the next Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio, but we’ve yet to actually see the hardware in action; we haven’t a clue what the damn box looks like.

That could change rather soon, though, as Microsoft has begun sending our press-invites to a special hardware event taking place on May 2nd in New York. According to The Verge and its sources, we shouldn’t expect to see any new Surface laptops/tablets or phones, so it leaves us assuming we’ll get our first glimpse of the Xbox Scorpio.

Nothing is confirmed at this time, though we’ll keep an ear close to the ground and let you know of any updates here. Be sure of one thing: We’ll be paying very close attention to the event on May 2nd and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Xbox news right here on Absolute Xbox.

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