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Quantum Break Might Get a PC Release

Update: Reddit user StelioKontos09 has caught the fact that the Brazilian Classification Board regularly rates exclusive games for PC incorrectly. This one is now firmly in the unconfirmed bin. Move along, folks!


The upcoming Xbox One exclusive TV show/video game hybrid, Quantum Break, has been rated for a PC release, despite Microsoft’s insistence that it’s an Xbox-only game.

The game was rated in Brazil for the PC, though that’s all the information we’ve got. There’s nothing from Microsoft or the game’s developer, Remedy Entertainment.

It’s unusual for rating authorities to make mistakes, but we’s be remiss not to point out that they’re never 100% accurate, so this could just be a simple case of miscategorisation.

Until we can get some solid confirmation or a few more identifying clues, this one will stay a rumour.

Quantum Break is set to release on Xbox One on April 5th.

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