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Remedy is Working on a New Game, Has Been for 9 Months

Remedy has only just kicked Quantum Break out the door and into the wild yet the Finnish studio is already well into its next game. There’s nothing official at the moment (sorry) but there are a couple of telling clues.

A couple of Remedy Entertainment’s employees have mentioned an unannounced project on their LinkedIn profiles. Mikko Rautalahti works at Remedy as a Narrative Lead – he writes the story, basically – and he’s been working on something for the past three months that involves writing the story and figuring out how it’s going to pan out. Obviously there’s nothing in there that screams exactly what it is, but it’s something.

Then there’s Kyle Rowley who works at Remedy and his position is Lead Designer. His LinkedIn profile is a little more direct and to-the-point than Mikko’s as he just states that he’s been working on an unannounced project since August 2015 – 9 months.

Again, we’ve no idea what it is, but we’ve got a few ideas:

Quantum Break vs. Back to the Future

Alan Wake: Alan Goes to Sleep

Mad Max: The Unauthorised Sequel

Alan Wake: British Dreams

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