Site News: Absolute Xbox’s Much Needed Reboot

Since Absolute Xbox launched back in January we’ve been rather slow in getting the site up and running. As one of two spin-off sites from The Games Cabin, Absolute Xbox aims to be a nice place to come and visit to get your Xbox gaming news. That’s the idea that we’ve got, but it’s not what we’ve done.

Our sister site, Pure PlayStation has taken off really well since launching at the same time so the team has been focussing its efforts on getting that site to a point where we’re happy with how its being run and that there’s measurable growth. We’re pleased to say that time has come, so now we can focus more time, effort, and resources into Absolute Xbox.

From today you can expect daily new updates as well as reviews, features and more. We’re still building upon the basic foundation that we’ve laid down, so bear with us while we craft a great place for you to come and get your fill of Xbox news, and maybe even a bit of a giggle. See, we’re not like other gaming sites. We aren’t just about getting the hits and clicks: we’re here because we love gaming and we want to have a bit of fun when we write. That means you won’t be reading boring articles that are written by humorless drones. No, you’ll be reading fun and informative stuff that we take the time and effort to produce. Our thinking is that if we’re gonna do it, why not have some fun?

So, from everyone at Absolute Xbox – let’s get a move on, see you on the site!

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