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Site Stuff: Absolute Xbox Needs You! Writers Apply Within!

Hello there. You’ve found Absolute Xbox. Either it was intentional or accidental, but that doesn’t really matter. The point is that you’re here reading this little article.

My name is Chris Harding and I’m the guy that owns/runs Absolute Xbox. You may also recognise me from Pure PlayStation. So what am I doing here? For one I’m a total workaholic. Can’t get enough of it. The real reason I’m sat in my office typing this out is because I need your help. I say ‘your’ but I’m actually directing that at a very specific group of people: Writers!

If you’re interested in writing about video games and reviewing video games, I want to hear from you. Absolute Xbox has been tottering around for almost a year yet I’ve not really done anything with it. Instead I’ve focused my efforts on the Pure PlayStation website – Absolute Xbox’s sister site – and built it up from nothing into a fairly decent website with plenty of daily readers.

Now I want to do the same with Absolute Xbox. Believe me when I say that I’m no ‘fanboy’. I have no bias – I just love games! So it’s a little disheartening to see other websites – sites that claim to be neutral and unbiased – constantly putting a negative spin on anything Xbox-related, while at the same time bigging-up the PlayStation brand. Xbox fans don’t have many places to turn to when it comes to fair reporting on the internet, so I want to change that.

I want Absolute Xbox to be the best site for Xbox fans. It seems like a broad statement, but it’s true. I’ve worked hard on Pure PlayStation for almost a year, and with the help of a few colleagues over there we’ve turned it from a site that had fewer than a thousand visitors a week into a site that attracts thousands of visitors everyday.

I want Absolute Xbox to be a place where Xbox players can come and digest the latest news, read a review, and maybe have a chuckle at a bad joke or two. That’s a big part, actually, as unlike other websites, I strive for a bit of personality and humour. Aren’t you sick of reading re-hashed press releases? I know I am/was, that’s why I got into this whole video-game writing five years ago. Since then I’ve learned plenty and made a few good friends in doing so.

If you’re an aspiring writer looking to get your foot in the door, please, just give me a shout and I’ll happily open it up and have a chat with you.

You can reach me on the following email address: chris DOT harding AT absolutexbox DOT com. It’s written that way to stop nasty internet robots nicking my email address and spamming it with viagra pills. I’ve got plenty, thank you very much. 

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