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In the words of the wise Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi: hello there! So you’ve somehow stumbled upon Absolute Xbox, you lucky thing. Chances are that you were looking for some Xbox One or Xbox 360 news. If that’s the case, cracking stuff, because it just so happens that’s exactly what we do here.

Absolute Xbox has been created with one goal in mind: provide passionate Xbox fans with daily new, reviews, previews, features and more great stuff, all the while doing it in a friendly, fun, and easy to read format.

We’re tired of reading the same monotonous drivel that plagues the web, so we’re here to give the industry a good kick in the rear end by doing things a little differently than the rest.

We’re a site dedicated to Xbox and its fan base, so you’ll find just about everything you ever need right here! We’re far from amateurs, though, so don’t let the bareness of the cupboards put you off. Absolute Xbox comes from a team that’s been working in the industry for collectively more than five years, so we kind of know what we’re doing.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting adventure, and we hope you’ll stick with us for the ride.

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