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Site Stuff: The State of Absolute Xbox

Hello there. My name is Chris Harding and I’m the dude behind this site. I’m putting this little update out to let anyone who passes by know what’s going on with Absolute Xbox.

Here’s the deal: I’m a busy man and I don’t know my limits when it comes to workloads. That’s why Absolute Xbox has been left to rot while I’ve focused, along with the rest of the team, on Pure PlayStation. Now that Pure PlayStation is in a good place in terms of readership – and it’s only going to get better! – I’m ready to start putting the work in on Absolute Xbox, starting today.

There aren’t that many quality Xbox focused websites out there right now, what with PlayStation and Nintendo bringing in the mad traffic. I’m going to do my utmost to make Absolute Xbox a place where any Xbox enthusiast can visit and get the latest news, features, opinions, and maybe even reviews once I’ve got a few more people on board to help run the ship.

So, from this moment forward, Absolute Xbox is fully functional and will be delivering news on a daily basis. So stick around, maybe drop in from time to time and see if this site could be your go-to place for Xbox news.

Loves, Chris

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