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This Xbox One S Laptop is a True Monster

Have you ever wanted to take your Xbox One console on the go with you? If you’re anything like us, the answer’s probably a firm ‘yes’, however, the damn thing is just not all that portable. Even the smaller Xbox One S is a pain in the neck to lumber around, what with all of its cables and such.

Enter the Xbox One S portable by serial tech hacker Ben Heck. The image up above isn’t a joke by us; it’s an actual part of his design documents. This guy has been modding consoles and controllers and all other kinds of electronic stuff for years, but his latest project is what has our hearts fluttering with joy. Heck has taken the Xbox One S console and turned it into a ‘laptop’ of sorts. It’s not actually a functioning laptop, mind, but it’s certainly a lot more portable than the regular console. It works just as an Xbox One S would, except it’s much more portable.

Naturally this is the kind of thing that pretty much voids every warranty you can imagine, so before you get your toolkit ready and start copying the talented Mr Heck, we’d advise that you just look on in envy and leave your console right underneath the TV.

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