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Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones Has a Full-On Single Player Campaign Mode

One worry that we had when Ubisoft revealed its swashbuckling Skull and Bones at this year’s E3 was that it was going to be an online-only affair. Thankfully that’s not the case.

Ubisoft has stated in an interview with PCGamer that Skull and Bones isn’t just about multiplayer, but will also “offer a narrative campaign which will be integrated into the game and will not be something aside of the multiplayer experience. In this campaign, players will encounter iconic characters and memorable rival pirates. More details will be shared at a later date.”

So that’s that settled, then. There will a single-player, but whether it’s any good or not is something we’ll have to wait until later 2018 to find out. Shiver our bloody timbers.


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