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Xbox Scorpio Doesn’t Have a Port for Kinect, You’ll Need a Bloody Adapter

Gah! Just when we thought things were going to be perfect, we get the news that Microsoft won’t be including a dedicated port for the Kinect.

It’s actually not that much of a surprise; Microsoft released the Xbox One S without a dedicated place to stick your Kinect’s cable, so we’re not really surprised to learn that the situation will be the same with Scorpio. If you still have your Kinect kicking around and want to use it with the new Xbox, you’ll need to get yourself an adapter.

Microsoft previously ran a program for players that were upgrading from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One S, where you would get a free adapter. However, that program has ended and it’s unlikely the Redmond-based firm will start it up again. Long story short: If you want to keep your Kinect functionality with Scorpio, you’ll have to drop around $40 for a USB adapter.

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